Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names

The NBA season is right around the corner and football season is now officially in full swing. This means that fantasy basketball leagues are once again starting up. Of course winning the league championship will be your highest priority, but a close second should be having a creative, fun, and funny team name. Here are some funny fantasy basketball team names to consider for the upcoming season. Happy drafting and enjoy your fantasy basketball season!

Home Malone

The Price is Dwight

Keys to the Kyrie

Blatche Ops

Shaqramento Kings

Grand Theft Otto

Batum Shakalaka

Ibaka Flacka Flame

Walker, Texas Granger


Double LeBrontendre

Harden As A Bonner

Peppermint Bron Bron

James Hard-On

Batum goes the Dynamite

Green Eggs and Lamb

My D Just Rose

Maggette and Meatballs

Ron Artesticles

Better Call Gasol

Gay Love Sessions

Live Free or die Harden

Radio Shaq

The Big Deng Theory

From Kosta Coast

A Teague of Their Own

A Stuckey Situation

Rubio Tuesdays

Bosh Spice

Rose Before Hoes

Deng Girl

Stern Punishment

Shot of Jamison

Hold the Mayo

Riggin’ for Wiggins

Howard Can Freethrows Be

Kamen Like a Wrecking Ball

Noah Doubt

21 Shump Street

Little Ricky Riding Hood

Zach and LaVinestalk

Al Horford Hears a Who

The Very Hungry Kanterpiller

Pinky and the Bron

Jimmer Neutron

Doug McBucketts